Custom web design and development for Riley's Snooker tables and cues

The brand of Riley’s means quality only other companies envy. They have over a century of tradition and craftsmanship of work.

So why choose Core Design Communications Ltd, a small agency in Coventry to produce their latest website?

These are just some of the factors as to why Core Design Communications Ltd were chosen and why many others have chosen us to design and build their websites.

From CMS (Content Managed Sites) to eCommerce sites and large database feature packed sites, we can do them all cost effectively, with a commitment to quality in everything we do.

What did we do?

Working alongside their product and brand designer, we agreed a brief on the website and what was required.

Firstly we created the complete CMS admin system. The admin system allows all the items, pictures, presentations, videos, links and images that make up the visualiser feature on the site to be amended, deleted or added to.

Then using the admin system, the first page was built and the functionality of the slide presentation was put into practice. This in fact allows for unlimited images to be uploaded into the presentation.

Next, the tables page that links to all the individual table pages was built. This includes the slide presentation of an average 6 pictures per presentation. Times that by the number of tables and this amounts to 220 pictures in the sites slider presentations.

Talking of pictures, the visualisation feature on the Aristocrat table is made up of 384 individual pictures, all loaded up through the admin system – any of these can be amended, deleted or added to – an absolute god send for our client making the site future proof for them.

Once these were in place, the rest of the pages using the slide presentation areas, were fairly easy to produce.

Clients feedback

"Very pleased with the look and the features of the site."

"Amazed at the ease of using the admin system."

"Greatly impressed with our attention to detail."

The previous web developers that were used for the previous website, never produced things exactly as Riley wanted, there was always a compromise needed to be made to get something done.

With us they got exactly what they wanted – NO COMPROMISES!

The website runs under its long established domain name but can also be found using parked domains of and