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Good logo design can sometimes be subjective, what someone likes might not be liked by someone else.

To make the process of designing a good logo, we usually ask our client to fill out our simple questionnaire.
This finds out what they like and do not like, what style of logo they want, what the purpose of the business is and what it does.
These are all the items we need to understand the business and the aspirations of what the owner/owners want.

This leads to good logo design.

A good logo design always needs to work in mono as well as its own colours taking into account assigning it pantone colours and a cmyk colour split version for full colour printing.

Finding out where and on what items the logo will be used also will help in achieving a good logo design.

Finally creating the logo design as an illustrator eps file enables the logo to be used in large format printing without it losing its quality and a set of logo guidelines gives guidance on how it should be reproduced and highlights how not to use it.

What is branding?

In the corporate realm, branding is a business process that is planned, specific in nature and integrated throughout the company. Because the corporate brand is a company’s most important asset whatever their size, the process of branding provides the direction, inspiration and energy for the brand itself. Branding also influences the organization’s name, identity, logo, stationery, web site, visual expression, philosophy and corporate culture… just about everything the company stands for, all the way down to the look of its facilities and the behaviour of its employees.

Effective branding requires consistent quality of presentation at every point of contact with the public or other businesses, in print, online, in house or at external exhibitions.

What is corporate identity?

Corporate identity is the visual, outward expression of the corporate brand. It is through our creative graphic design that we can design what is the persona of the organisation.

Take, for example, Coca-Cola. Their brand is recognisable in almost all countries and their corporate identity is tied to that particular colour of red and that unique script font.

In answering what is corporate identity it can be slit into 3 distict parts:

1. Corporate design – This includes such things as logos, letterhead, uniforms, stationery, packaging designs, etc.

2. Corporate communication – This refers to designing websites, brochures,advertisements, mailers, commercials, press releases, public relations... anything that communicates with the general public.

3. Corporate behaviour – This encompasses the internal values and characteristics of the entire corporate culture and the employees who make it up.

We understand your brand

Core understands Branding and always take time to make sure your Branding is correct for you. We create branding for start up companies wanting to grow their business or rebrand existing companies who due to their ever changing market place may have lost their relevance to their target customers.

We offer effective, inexpensive business to business branding and business to consumer branding

Logo branding design – An icon or an effective font that will form the heart of your brand communications.

Logo guidelines – Essential for brand consistency. We will supply the finished logo in its various formats for web and print and supply with its pantone and cmyk values.

Brand guidelines – We can provide you with branding that will work across the entire spectrum of material and media. From concepts to completion we will show your branding working on all mediums. This then will be written into guidelines to make sure it is followed by internal staff and outside agencies. This will include logo formats, fonts and colour schemes, tone of visual communications and anything else you want to include to make sure your Brand is successful and recognizable.

Corporate design – letterheads, other stationery,vehicle graphics, packaging designs, uniforms etc

Corporate communication – websites, brochures,catalogues, sales folder packs, advertisements, mailers, press releases, public relations... anything that communicates with the general public.

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