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Online marketing

Make your website work for you

There are many aspects to online marketing in the uk but they all have the same aim of getting more visitors to your website and then converting them to customers.

As an online marketing company we can tell you and show you how your website can bring in direct sales but also how it can build up long term relationships with clients and potential clients.
Contact us for your project 024 7660 1351 hi@coredesignagency.co.uk
Building relationships is critical to the success of your website even with ecommerce websites that sell direct

Trust in you and your company is critical every time you are contacted by a potential customer who may make contact several times before buying from you. So you must make sure the experience is right for them every time.

If you are having a new website from us we will have covered this in our planning stage, however if you have an existing website then individual online marketing can be done.

Our web internet marketing services include

Researching and choosing the correct keywords
Onsite optimisation of your website for these keywords
Designing sales generating landing pages
Offsite optimisation through link building by article writing and blog writing
Setting up a Google places account
Setting up a Google analytics account
Google webmaster tools including xml sitemaps

Google Adwords
Researching and choosing the correct keywords
Setting up pay per click advertising and management
Designing sales generating landing pages
NEW – Local Google adwords express
Cost depends on cost per click for your keywords

Email marketing
Email list management
Eye catching HTML email design
Email Sending
Email reporting

Social networking and other apps
Design and create personalised HTML Facebook pages to make your business
stand out
Simple custom made APPS that work on the Facebook platform
Bespoke APPS – custom made
Facebook online shops – sell to millions of Facebook members without the

These are the options that can be used for your online marketing, We offer a staged plan of action for clients , often split into a monthly cost which most businesses find very useful.