SEO - some interesting facts and figures

This article is written as a guide to business and we cannot guarantee figures being correct at time of reading. It however gives a guide on how to approach SEO and where you need your set your goals to get results.

Head terms v long tail terms.

Head terms are the more obvious keyword terms and are more searched keywords whereas long tail keywords are less popular and longer in length maybe by adding a geographic location on the end for instance but in many cases can be more specific.

Take for example a fencing supplier :

3 obvious search terms he would think is fence panels, fencing , gates.

These have thousands of searches made per month but because they are so generic many searches are being made for other reasons than finding a supplier.
Coupled with the fact that it would be virtually impossible to compete for these keywords because the likes of wickes, b and q and other large DIY stores will be competing for these keywords the next action is to research alternate long tail keywords.

So if we look for long tail terms that are achievable in a short time we see keywords like:
fence panels delivered and cheap driveway gates coming up.

They are achievable and have a positive buying attitude, what I mean by that if you searched these keywords you are ready to buy , whereas if you searched fence panels the reason for this could be many.

Positions on Google

Your first aim has to be to get on Page 1 of Google , then you need to aim at being in the top 3 positions.


Well according to OPTIFY( a website visitor and statistics analysis company ), websites being in the first 3 positions on Google through organic searches receive 58.4 % of all the clicks from users.

From their studies they reported websites ranked number one received an average click-through rate (CTR) of 36.4 percent; number two had a CTR of 12.5 percent; and number three had a CTR of 9.5 percent.

In simple terms Optify says being number one in Google is the equivalent of all the traffic going to the sites appearing in the second through fifth positions.

To further illustrate what this means, it means that moving up to the top spot in Google from second or third could triple visits to your website.

We cannot guarantee these figures are totally accurate but we conclude that this seems to follow suit from looking at our clients reports.

And finally the average CTR ( click-through rate) on Page 1 of Google in general was 8.9 percent, but the average CTR on Page 2 was way down on 1.5 percent. Ranking first on Page 2 had a slight benefit over ranking in the last spot on Page 1 (2.6 percent vs. 2.2 percent CTR).

Conclusion :

So in conclusion it’s vital to get on Page 1 but once on it you need to aim at getting in the first 3 positions.
Putting further budget to get into the top 3 positions will pay handsomely.

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