Why you shouldn't use wordpress for a custom web design

Many businesses are employing companies who build them a web site using wordpress.

Anyone can build a site using wordpress, yes anyone with no coding experience or any design experience.

Do they know this is basically just a blogging platform. There are themes that SO CALLED WEB DESIGNERS use as the design of the site – but this means sites end up looking all the same.

To add functionality it uses plug ins – no coding, nothing.

I ask what happens when wordpress stops giving any support or updates, what happens when these plug ins don’t give any updates – thousands of websites rendered useless!!!

It is also well known WordPress can place a lot of demands on a server. Depending on how the site is contructed, the number of calls for external files can be on the high side. Thus, if the site is getting a high number of hits, a custom CMS is a good idea, or at least one in which some more control is available over the amount of resources the admin or dashboard area requires.

Because wordpress is used worldwide by many people hackers have concentrated on it and found holes in its security so you site will open to be hacked more easily. This is a problem if your sites stores data especially.

Do not use wordpress for an e commerce shop. This is because it will only run using 3rd party plug ins. These plug ins are very lightweight and not very flexible and very difficult to use. And again the question of support from these 3rd party providers are questionable.